Tom Wolf, Governor Leslie S. Richards, Secretary, Department of Transportation

Process for Graduating from a Junior to a Senior License

A Junior Driver's License may be changed to a regular, Non-Commercial Driver's License when you meet the following requirements:

  • Held a Junior Driver's License for 1 year,
  • Have not been convicted of any violation of the Vehicle Code,
  • Have not been in an accident for which you are partially or fully responsible, and
  • Have successfully completed classroom and behind-the-wheel training courses approved by the Department of Education.

NOTE: A Junior Driver's License shall automatically become a Regular Driver's License when you turn 18 years old. If you would like a driver's license that no longer has the "jr" you can apply for a duplicate after you turn 18.


  1. Complete Form DL-59.
  2. Mail application to: PennDOT, P.O. Box 68272, Harrisburg, PA 17106-8272.
  3. If application is approved, you will receive an update card to carry with your Junior Driver's License.

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