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What Can Occur if I Cancel My Liability Insurance?

If your motor vehicle is not insured with liability insurance, you could face the following penalties and expenses:

  • A minimum of $300 fine for driving uninsured
  • A three-month suspension of your vehicle registration
  • A three-month suspension of your driver's license
  • $88 restoration fee to restore your vehicle registration
  • $88 restoration fee to restore your driver's license
  • That vehicle may not be driven by anyone while the registration is suspended

What action does PennDOT take if I do not have insurance?

If you surrender your registration plate immediately, nothing happens. Otherwise, a lapse of insurance coverage results in the suspension of your vehicle registration privilege for three months, unless the lapse of insurance was for a period of less than 31 days and the owner or registrant proves to PennDOT that the vehicle was not operated during this short lapse in coverage. If PennDOT determines that you operated your vehicle without the required insurance, your driver's license will be suspended for three months. The registration plate, sticker, card and driver's license must be surrendered to PennDOT in order to serve the suspension. Restoration fees of $88.00 and proof of insurance must be submitted prior to having either registration or driving privileges returned.

In lieu of serving a registration suspension, you have the option to make a payment of a civil penalty. The optional civil penalty fee is $500. Additionally, you are required to pay a restoration fee in the amount of $88. You may opt for the civil penalty in lieu of suspension no more than once in a 12-month period. Payment of the civil penalty, along with your restoration fee and proof of current insurance, will allow you to maintain registration on your vehicle without the requirement to serve a three month registration suspension. To use this option, visit PennDOT's website at and click the link "Pay Civil Penalty," and complete required steps or you may mail your certified check or money order payable to the PA Department of Transportation in the amount of $588 (which includes your restoration fee) along with current proof of insurance and completed Form MV-222, "Application for Payment of Civil Penalty in Lieu of Registration Suspension."

You can go online to request and print a free vehicle registration restoration requirements letter, which outlines certain criteria that must be met before a vehicle's registration can be restored. To request and print your restoration requirements letter, visit "Request a VR Restoration Requirements Letter." Users will need to provide the first eight numbers of the vehicle title number, the last four numbers of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) if the VIN is more than four digits long and the first two characters of the owner's last name or the first two characters of the company’s name if a company owns the vehicle.

Insurance Department

If you did not receive notice from your insurance company regarding the cancellation or termination of your policy, you should contact the Insurance Department at 1-877-881-6388. The Insurance Department governs the insurance companies.

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