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Safety Inspection Bulletins

Here are links to recent safety inspection bulletins and charts.

Viewing and Printing Bulletins

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Inspection Expiration Charts, January 2015

Safety Bulletin BI 15-03, September 2015

  • Ordering Inspection Stickers/Fees

Safety Bulletin BI 15-02, May 2015

  • Announcement: Fee Adjustment for Certificates of Inspection

Safety Bulletin BI 15-1, April 2015

  • Announcement: Inspector Credentials
  • Clarification: Modified Vehicle Titling Procedure

Safety Bulletin BI 14-6, December 2014

  • Inspection Sticker pick-up (delivery) at the Riverfront Office Center dealer counter

Safety Bulletin BI 14-5, November 2014

  • Update: Discontinuance of Dealer Counter Service for Processing Certificates of Inspection Orders

Safety Bulletin BI 14-4, September 2014

  • Update: Ordering Inspection Stickers
  • Update: Vehicle Equipment and Safety Regulations

Safety Bulletin BI 14-3, June 2014

  • Update: Price Adjustment for Certificates of Inspection

Safety Bulletin BI 14-2, April 2014

  • Update: Vehicle Equipment and Inspection Regulations Manual
  • Update: Vehicle Emissions Regulations Manual
  • Update: Proof of Insurance

Safety Bulletin BI 14-1, February 2014

  • Update: Fuel Types
  • Update: Vehicle Equipment and Safety Regulations
  • Update: New Appointment Process
  • Update: Enhanced Inspection Process
  • Update: Emission Testing for Vehicles with a GVWR Over 8500 Pounds
  • Update: Salvage Certificates on Theft Vehicles

Safety Bulletin BI 13-2, October 2013

Information pertaining to Chapter 175 of the Vehicle Equipment and Inspection Manual, including sub-chapters:

A.General Provisions
B.Official Inspection Station Requirements
C.Certificate of Inspection
D.Schedule of Penalties and Suspensions
E.Passenger Cars and Light Trucks
F.Medium and Heavy Trucks, Buses and School Buses
G.Recreational, Semi and Utility Trailers
J.Motor-Driven Cycles and Motorized Pedacycles
K.Street Rods, Specially Constructed and Reconstructed
Other Topics:

  • Headlight Aiming
  • Record Keeping
  • Odometer Repair and Replacement

Safety Bulletin BI 13-1, September 2013

  • Update: Ordering Inspection Stickers
  • Update: Illegible License Plates
  • Update: Use And Display Of Illuminated Signs
  • Update: County Of Residence For Emissions Testing
  • Update: Blue Dot Illumination
  • Update: Vehicle Inspection Personnel Changes

Safety Bulletin BI12-2, August 2012

  • Enrollment Required for Emissions and/or E-Safety Stations
  • Ordering Inspection Stickers
  • Emissions Message on Vehicle Registration Credentials

Safety Bulletin EB12-1, July 2012

  • New Program Manager For Emissions Inspection and e-Safety Programs

Safety Bulletin BI12-1, February 2012

  • Change to Definition of Motorcycle ACT 129 of 2011

Safety Bulletin BI11-4, December 2011

  • Low Speed Vehicles
  • License Plate Reissuance

Safety Bulletin BI11-3, September 2011

  • PennDOT offers free replacement Driver License and Motor Vehicle products and extensions to flood victims

Safety Bulletin BI11-1, May 2011

  • Fog Lights And Auxiliary Driving Lights
  • Rust
  • Rusted/Pitted Brake Rotors
  • Coordination of Registration and Inspection
  • Reporting Station Changes
  • License Plate Reissuance

Safety Bulletin BI10-1, May 2010

  • Partially peeling inspection stickers
  • Motorcycle handlebars
  • Motorcycle inspection periods
  • Penalties for bad checks
  • Signing inspection sticker requisitions
  • Reporting station changes
  • Inspection regulations available online

Safety Bulletin BI09-3, April 2009

  • Delivery of Inspection Stickers

Safety Bulletin BI09-2, March 2009

  • Illegible License Plate Reissuance Program Q&As
  • Inspection/Registration Coordination Reminder
  • Headlight Aiming
  • Affixing Safety Inspection Stickers on Vehicles Requiring Emissions Inspection

Safety Bulletin BI09-1, January 2009

Safety Bulletin BI08-3, August 2008

  • Issuance of "bi" annual inside inspection stickers
  • Ordering Inspection Stickers
  • PennDOTís e-SAFETY Program

Safety Bulletin BI08-2, May 2008

  • Changes in inspection sticker ordering procedures

Safety Bulletin BI08-1, March 2008

  • Changes Affecting Stations
  • Semi-Annual Inspection for Vehicles with Combination Weights
  • Safety Inspection Record Keeping
  • Inspection Mechanic Renewal Applications
  • PennDOTís e-SAFETY Program

Safety Bulletin BI07-3,  December 2007

  • School Bus Exhaust Systems
  • Automatic Brake Adjuster Advisory

Safety Bulletin BI06-1,  April 2006

  • Update regarding the establishment of enhanced inspection
  • Stations to conduct inspection of reconstructed vehicles

Safety Bulletin BI05-4,  August 2005

  • Issuance of "bi" annual inside stickers
  • Ordering inspection certificates (stickers)
  • Inspection requirements for certain trailers

Safety Bulletin BI05-3,  June/July 2005

  • Inspection sticker orders through the mail
  • Authorized agents for receiving inspection stickers
  • Changes affecting an inspection station
  • MV-426 Applications

Safety Bulletin BI05-2,  April 2005

  • Shipping and handling charges for inspection sticker orders

Safety Bulletin BI05-1,  January 2005

  • Coordination of registration and inspection no longer required
  • Changes in Street Rod inspection criteria

Special Safety Bulletin EB04-3,  October 2004

  • Change in inspection sticker delivery service
  • What to do if you do not receive your sticker order
  • Emissions inspection reminder

Safety Bulletin BI04-4,  June 2004

  • Insurance Law Fact Sheet
  • MV-431, MV-431S and MV-480 Inspection Record Sheets
  • Visual Anti-Tampering Inspection During Safety Inspection
  • Verification of Inspection Mechanic Licenses

Safety Bulletin BI04-3,  March 2004

  • Motorcycle Handle Bars
  • Inspection Expiration Charts
  • Expirations on the Back of Inspection Stickers

Special Safety Bulletin BI03-1,  May 2003

  • Planned changes in the emissions and safety inspection programs

Safety Bulletin BI02-1,  February 2002

  • New certified mechanic cards, MV-439 (11/01)
  • Telephone listings
  • New MV-426B (application for reconstructed or specially constructed vehicle)

Safety Bulletin BI01-5,  October 2001

  • Ignition interlock devices

Safety Bulletin BI01-1,  March 2001

  • Reconstructed and specially constructed vehicles

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