Tom Wolf, Governor Leslie S. Richards, Secretary, Department of Transportation

License Restrictions

Under Section 1512 of the PA Vehicle Code, the Department has the authority whenever there is good cause to add restrictions suitable to the licenseeís driving ability with respect to special equipment required to be installed on a motor vehicle or other restrictions applicable to assure the safe operation of a motor vehicle.

Below is a matrix outlining the Medical Restrictions and their use:


License holder must wear corrective lenses when driving (glasses/contacts)


Vehicle must be equipped with mirrors on both sides of the vehicle. (dual mirrors)


Vehicle must be equipped with an automatic transmission (no manual transmission)


Vehicle must be equipped with special equipment (spinner knob, left foot gas pedal, etc.)


License holder can only drive during daylight hours sunrise to sunset (no night driving)


License holder is considered a Classified driver because of a physical impairment that will not affect ability to drive (missing fingers, missing an arm, etc.)


License holder has a Restricted license because of a visual impairment (limited to driving within a limited radius of residence; limited to roads other than freeways; limited to passenger vehicles weighing no more than 10,000 pounds; cannot operate a motorcycle)


Driverís M License is restricted to a motor-driven cycle (motorcycle motor cannot be greater than 5 brake horsepower)


Driverís M License is restricted from operating a 2-wheel motorcycle


Permit holder is restricted to operating a vehicle equipped with dual controls (right side brake pedal) with a certified driver trainer in the passenger seat.


Motorcycle learnerís permit holder can only operate a motorcycle during daylight hours sunrise to sunset (no night riding)

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