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Trey's Story

I learned a hard lesson driving to work the other day. I was running late...in a hurry, you know how it goes. Traffic was backed-up really bad. I was wishing mom hadn't made me stop for dinner, now I was going to be late for work.

It's bad enough I had to pick up Jenny and her friend after school.

Why do I have to be my sister's personal chauffeur? Why is traffic so bad today???

My exit was coming up and I REALLY needed to get over. The problem was that I couldn't see around the dumb truck in front of me.

To make things even worse, my boss was already mad at me for taking a night off last week to study for my biology test. He'd be really upset if I was late this week.

I was getting so distracted by my thoughts and upset about having to deal with my boss I shouted "I hate this job and I hate the stupid mall! Why does everyone make my life so difficult?"

I had my blinker on forever. Why won't somebody let me cut in?

These people are wicked rude. "Why don't people just move? I need to be somewhere, like now!"

So, I just started to make my way into the other lane. The exit was coming up fast.

"Come on people, give me a break."

While I was maneuvering into the next lane, I took my eyes off the truck in front of me. I didn't see that it had stopped. I ran right into the back of that thing totaling the front end of my car.

I can't believe I hit that truck! My mind was on other things and being in a hurry didn't help! It wasn't my first time hurrying to get to work, but it's definitely my last.

Rushing to get somewhere in the car is bad news. Also, getting frustrated about things like traffic doesn't help. Now I focus on what I can control - my attitude, not rushing and keeping my distance.

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