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Roberto's Story

"Chill out, Roberto." That's what Courtney told me when we were driving. I wish I would have listened to her...

Roberto: The school play is going to be so cool! I can't believe we both got parts.

Courtney: Yeah, I was really scared about the auditions. I felt so dumb up there in the spotlight, messing up my lines.

Roberto: You only blew one line. Besides, it was funny. Lady MacBeth needs a little humor to lighten her up.

Courtney: It's not supposed to be funny, Rob.

Roberto: Geez. We'll never get home with this traffic.Why doesn't this guy move? C'mon people, let's go!

Roberto is getting real tense. He starts driving close to the car in front, nudging them to go faster. Courtney's nervous and tries to get him to mellow out. Both cars are getting into the left turn lane where the light is getting ready to change.

Courtney: Chill out, Roberto. It's rush hour. What do you want?

Roberto: Well, It'd be nice to make this light before the next millenium.

Courtney: Our turn is coming up soon. Don't worry about it.

Roberto: Urgh! Looks like the light is about to change. I'm going for it!

Without waiting to see what the oncoming traffic is like, Roberto steps on the gas. There's a car coming right towards them!

Courtney: NO! STOP!


That freaked me out! I'm so glad no one got hurt. I shouldn't have tried to make the light without being able to see the oncoming traffic. I don't know what I was thinking. You gotta leave a lot of space between you and the oncoming car, and never try and gun it through the light even if you think other people are being slow.

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