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Justin's Story

Check out what happened to me and some friends hurrying home from a party the other night. It was late and getting real close to curfew. Too close. I was trying to get my friends Haley, Rob and Chantel to get in the car and go. Here's what happened.

Justin: C'mon, man, we gotta go.

Haley: Take it easy, Justin, we're coming. What's the big rush? We're good.

Justin: I need to get all of you home in time for my curfew. My dad warned me about being late again.

Rob: Man, your parents are so harsh with that curfew thing. My mom doesn't care, as long as I don't get into trouble.

Chantal: Well, you might not get into trouble if you're caught out after 11, Rob, but Justin will be the one who gets points.

Haley: Yeah, you're right. Wouldn't want to get Justin's license suspended.

Justin: Is everybody in? Haley, we're taking you home first, since you're the farthest. Hey, chill out back there, will you?

Justin starts backing out of the driveway. Everyone is messing around, distracting him. And there's a huge tree blocking his view of the street.

Rob: Turn up the music, man, I love this song.

Chantal: Trey, quit leaning on me. You're squashing me.

Trey: C'mon Haley, I'm just messing with you.

Haley: Whatever you guys. Do you have to pick on each other all the time?

Rob: Whoa! Justin! Watch out! There's a.....CRASH!!!

Haley: Omigod, Justin! What happened?

Trey: Is everybody OK?

Well, not only did I miss my curfew, but I wrecked the car too. It was my fault I was rushing, but those guys in the back seat, they were taking up a lot of my attention.

They're my friends and that makes it even harder to get them to calm down. I don't want to seem lame. Nobody had their seatbelts on - that was really stupid. I should have been more careful since I couldn't see around the tree.

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