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Haley's Story

My friends and I were driving home after a big game. I was driving, Mark was in the the front seat next to me and Melissa and Scott were hangin' in back. It was dark out. Man, we were so excited about the big win! I had no idea what was about to happen.

Mark: That game was so close! I can't believe we scored with 30 seconds left! Central High rocks.

Scott: Dude, that was so awesome - that's one of the best games I've ever seen.

Melissa: Hello! It's like, so much more fun cheering for the winning team!

Haley: Mel, you weren't paying attention to the game - you were all about eye contact with their quarterback.

Scott: I'm hungry. Does anyone want to get pizza?

Melissa: Scott, you had, like, 2 hotdogs at the game!

Scott: That was just a snack.

Haley: Whatever. But no pineapple pizza this time.

Melissa: There might be some parties we could go to later.

Haley: Yeah, but I don't know how late I can keep my mom's car.

Scott looks over to see Melissa digging around in the backseat.

cott: What are you looking for back there, Melissa?

Melissa: I'm trying to find some music to listen to. How 'bout Seven Inch Screws or Radiodead?

Haley: Nah - how about something more mellow?

Mark: How about some hip-hop?

Haley: Let me see that 'N the Sink CD.

Scott: Whoa! Haley! (truck honking)

Mark: Watch out!

Melissa: Eeeiiieee!


That was intense...one second I was getting a CD, and the next all my friends and I were in an accident. Now, I never mess around with getting music to listen to while I'm driving. I wait until I'm pulled over and stopped to mess with the CD player.

Taking your focus off the road for even a few seconds can lead to an accident. The same goes for eating or things like fixing your hair.

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