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Chris' Story

Me and some fellas were hanging out driving by the mall and stuff.

I had this excellent new cruiser - 4-wheel drive, SUV. We had the music up and we were cruising around and checking out the girls. Man, we weren't even driving very fast but we got kind of carried away and I didn't see that the light had changed.

We ran right into this other car that was going through the intersection. We were OK cause we were going pretty slow, but the lady she was kind of messed up. She was driving this little car and we smashed right into her driver's side.

At first I was kind of stunned...I didn't know how to react.

The ambulance had to come and get her. I felt real bad...I knew it was my fault.

And the cops were harsh. The made us take breathalyzer tests and everything. I ended up having to go to court and my dad had to pay a bunch of fines. They gave me community service and I was ok with that... but now the lady might sue us. And since I'm a minor she's suing my dad.

She says she lost a lot of work and has chronic pain. She wants to be compensated more than the insurance company settled.

I'm not allowed to drive anymore.

I feel real bad for causing so much trouble. I wish it had never happened.

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