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Chantal's Story

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I learned a lot about driving on the way back from the mall with my mom. I got kinda distracted because we were talking about different dresses for the prom. Traffic wasn't so bad. But, I had to merge into some wicked traffic on the highway. This is what happened...

Chantal: I hope no one else ends up wearing the same dress to the prom.

Mom: I think the blue one is a good choice, sweetheart -- you look adorable in it!

Chantal: Yeah, it's OK, but I still like the black one we tried at the mall last week too.

Mom: Black is too grown up for you. Maybe for senior prom next year.

Chantal: Everyone wears black, Mama. Besides, it's much easier to match shoes.

Mom: I just don't know, Chantal. You need to turn here.

Chantal: I know, I'm getting over into the other lane.

Mom: We'll see what your father says.

Chantal: But you know dad doesn't like anything that I like, and he always sides with you.

Mom: Not so close, Chantal. You need to watch the car in front of you. Since it's your father's money you're spending, he's entitled to an opinion anyway.

Chantal: Yeah, but what about what I want? I'm the one wearing it!

Chantal nervously eyes cars passing as she attempts to merge.

Chantal: Look at all the traffic! We'll never merge in there.

Mom: Careful, Chantal!

Chantal: Don't worry, mother, I'm looking. (stepping on the gas)

Mom: Watch out! (Hoonnnkk! Screeeeech!)

Boy, that was close. OK, so merging into busy traffic is not the easiest thing to do especially being a new driver and all. But, what I can do better next time is pay attention to driving instead of talking with other people in the car. I just wasn't paying enough attention to the highway and didn't bother to yield.

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