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Personalized Registration Plate Availability

Step 1: Review the Requirements

A personalized registration plate may contain a combination of up to seven letters and numbers. One hyphen or one space is permitted, but not both. Special characters are not available. A personalized motorcycle registration plate may contain up to five letters and numbers in combination. NOTE: A hyphen or space is not recognized as part of the plate configuration and does not count as one of the letters or numbers.

To apply for a personalized registration plate, the appropriate application must be completed. PennDOT reserves the right to limit or reject certain requests. Personalized registration plate applicants must have a valid registration plate, which the applicant shall retain pending receipt of the requested personalized registration plate. Restrictions apply and are found on each application.

A separate application must be submitted for each personalized registration plate. Fees vary and are listed on each application. Make check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.

New vehicles must be titled and registered prior to a personalized plate being issued.

Allow eight to ten weeks for delivery of your plate.

Customer Notice: Your license plate will not be reserved until PennDOT receives your payment and completed application, and approves your requested license plate configuration [number(s) and/or letter(s)]. Please note that personalized registration plate requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Although a requested personalized registration plate configuration may show as being available now, it is possible that a request for the same configuration may have already been submitted by another customer and may not be available when your application is received by PennDOT. In addition, under the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, PennDOT may refuse any combination of letters and numbers for cause.

Check Personalized Registration Plate Availability

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